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Yala safari in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country with many surprises for tourists. One of the most embracing features in the country is its national parks. The best thing about the national parks is that they are available in several variations. If a tourist’s expectation is birds, Kumana Sanctuary is available for the visitors. When it comes to nature, Horton place will be a great choice. Although there are several places for elephants, Yala will be the world-class one for the tourists. “Yala safari in Sri Lanka” is something priceless.


Features in Yala

yala national park sri lanka

 Yala is an attraction with elephants and other natural features such as leopards and many endemic wildlife species during safaris. As it is not hard to arrange a safari for a reasonable price, a tourist will get the best out of it. If you truly love tropical nature on the island, Yala will be the best place to pay a visit. If you are willing to feel the entertainment of free-roaming wildlife with independent watching,

Yala will never make you unsatisfied. One of the greatest scenes of the park is animals crossing the rods without being hesitant. Although the wildlife animals are of different sizes, it will not be a factor when making interactions. As the hotels and relevant centers are near the park, wildlife will not be uncommon for sure.


About Yala National Park

yala national park sri lanka

It consists of several tropical features on the island. Lagoons, water bodies, plants adapted to dry conditions, flat land, and many things in the park bordering the Indian Ocean. There is a total of five blocks in the park. Covering a total land area of 979 square kilometers, Yala National park is the most visited national park. Yala consists of 05 national parks in the surrounding area, while Lunugamwehera national park and Kumana Park are such a couple of parks in the vicinity.

Yala is situated in the dry zone of Sri Lanka, which receives the maximum rainfall during the North-East Monsoon. National Park of Yala is a place where a visitor can identify several ecosystems as well. There are monsoon misted wetlands to freshwater springs in the park. Therefore the wildlife has increased other than any other national park on the island. Yala is also an excellent bird-watching spot for tourists. There are more than ten migrant birds that annually visit the park during the wind blow. There are about 06 endemic bird species in the park when it comes to biodiversity, while 214 is the total number of birds that labor by the park.

Mammal population is considerably higher not than in other parks in the country but the South Asian region. There are 44 mammal species in the Yala, while 5 of them are endemic to Sri Lanka. One of the rare facts about Yala National Park is its leopard density. Yala is one of the highest leopard-dense places in the world.


Things to do in Yala

Yala is not just a place for paying a visit, but you can also have numerous things. Even if it is a national park, there are ancient ruins, temples, and several things that you can inspire to increase the entertainment. Although it is a safari or not, you may add the following features to get the maximum use of the visit.


Yala national park sri lanka in Safari Rides

You will have to go for this choice if your main concern is to see wildlife. Although it is regarding a shallow watch or a deep search, you may go on a safari to see nature’s features. Some special sections have been declared for the ease of the visitors to observe animals. In such places, the tourists get the privilege to see animals so closely. The experienced drivers will let you have a closer look indeed. Sri Lankan bears, leopards, and elephants will be at your site with these safari trips. Even if it is birds you want to see, the arrangement will do the trick. The patience and attitude will make you feel satisfied in the park, thanks to these rides. Less time consumption, high security, and the ability to take as much as members you want will be the benefits you may get.


A night in the bungalow 

There are a couple of bungalows in the national park operated by the authorities. All you have to do is to arrange a bungalow and spend the night. It will be a priceless and never-experienced one for sure. There will be essential features that a tourist might love to have, such as electricity, water, and bedrooms. Even if it regards your family, you will be able to take them with you. It is not explainable how it feels when staying during the night in a place where there are no humans but animals in everyplace. Also, your security will not be an issue as the authorities take responsibility. You may book a bungalow online as well.


Bird Watching 

 Though it is not the most popular place for bird watching, you will not find any place that inhibits so many birds. There are waterbirds in the park that belong to 90 species. About half of them are considered to be migrants. Water fowls, whistling ducks, Grey Heron, Black-headed Ibis, Eurasian Spoonbill, and small waders are a few of them. Great White Pelican and resident Spot-billed Pelican are considered a treasure for the bird watchers who have also been spotted in Yala national park. Although the number of bird species blends with nature more in the North-East monsoon, you should know that the number is not varying in a high range. It means you don’t have to bother of the time in the year to visit Yala to see birds.


A walk on the Beach

As the least exciting feature in the Yala National Park, the beach can be mentioned. The coastal path around the park is a great way to discover the border. Visitors are not allowed to have a free walk on the beach as it is a bit risky thing with the animals. But, visitors can enjoy the walk-in of certain places such as sites and bungalows secured from wild animals. With the Indian ocean’s tropical wind, a tourist can walk around the park without any disturbance. Also, you need to know that Sri Lanka is famous for beaches and people worldwide know it. Yala beach is not a feature a lot of tourists know. You may feel an untouched beach around a forest. It is one cool thing to think for you.


The campsite is always a fine choice.

If you are a true nature lover, a night will be the least you can do for your satisfaction. There is a campsite that can facilitate the accommodation for ten people. They have arranged a special place for tourists to enjoy wildlife so closely and securely. When it comes to your family, you may take 02 kids camping. Also, you get a toilet and water supply on the site in the 20×200 space that has been allocated for you.


Sites Inside the park

The area where Yala national park is situated was home for early settlers in the civilizations. There have been some local rulers as well as kings in the area known as Magama in history. What you can see related to that ultimate age are some ruins. Although you have to step out of the park sometimes, the ruins are worth it. When it comes to the Sithulpawuwa temple, you can pay a visit to an ancient suite where more than 12000 monks had been developing their spiritual development. Also, it is a place where there is a solid rock that you can climb.

Other than that, Magul Maha Viharaya is also an attraction for tourists that date back to a couple of millenniums ago. It is said that King Dewanampiyatissa had a history with this place. If you visit Sithulpwauwa, Magul Maha Viharaya will not be too far to pay a visit.


Bottom line

Yala safari in Sri Lanka is an excellent destination for any tourist. All it matters when visiting this little heaven in the tropic is the time you choose to select. The North-East monsoon period will make the water bodies filled and cause waterlogging conditions. It is also essential to know that Katunayake International Airport is not the only entry point to the park as Mattla International Airport is already in operation. It won’t take more than 30 minutes to get to Yala National Park from Mattala Airport.


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