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10 Best Singapore Shopping Malls

If you are in Singapore, shopping will have to be one of the best things you can do for sure. Based on a friendly sales policy, Singapore ruling policies have been trying to allow their visitors to get the best in various spots across the island. Here are 10 of the best Singapore shopping mall choices you can alter in the visit to Singapore.

Ion Orchard

10 Best Singapore Shopping Malls

It has not only been famous because of the shopping but of the excellent piece of architecture. The place is situated in Tanglin.  Also, it is considered as the most glamorous shopping mall in Singapore as well. What you can afford in the mall is limitless. You will get pleasure in the shops where the arts have been created with marble and steel. If you are lucky enough, you will meet the celebrities in this place as it is a must-go-place for a visitor.


Suntec City

It is a massive complex that has been built according to the latest technology. You will find its true beauty in the night time for sure. The entire complex consists of an exhibition center, conference center, and office blocks. The shopping, all will deliver you world-class brands such as Carrefour hypermarket and Harvey Norman. Also, you will get to use a video theatre and a video corner at the venue as entertaining segments.


Far East Plaza

10 Best Singapore Shopping Malls

It is considered as one of the oldest buildings in Singapore that have inherited the significant features of Singapore architecture. Although much shops are not available, the price for the items will be less compared to the other shopping malls. The six-level shopping mall has got a decent audience of elders and youngers who pay regular visits.



This remarkable place has been a regular stop for many visitors ion the country because of its stunning lighting features. Also, the site is the best place to see the panoramic view of the surrounding area. The ocean will be a pleasant experience while doing shopping.  Amphitheatre, pools, food courts, restaurants, and the washrooms are in the highest ratings at this venue. Also, you will find the best cinema in Singapore at the VivoCity.



10 Best Singapore Shopping Malls

When it comes to award-winning, Paragon has been able to collect lots of awards because of the service they have provided to the customers. It is neat, modern, and full of the world’s latest inventions and revolutionary items. Shops have spread across 06 floors where you can find the best fashion-related products, toys, food corners, sports, and boutiques. Also, if you are a parent, you will discover Paragon as a better resort to find clothing as well. There are official sales agents of world-class brands such as Jimmy Choo, Canale Patisserie,  Chocolatier, Muji and Nike.


The Mandarin Gallery

You were earlier known as Meritus Mandarin Shopping Arcade is one of the best places to meet world grade, fashion designers. The position consists of a limited number of shopping stores where you will find two awesome fashion brands known as Marc Jacobs and Just Cavalli. If it is the international platform you need in fashion, you will find it here indeed.


Bugis Junction

10 Best Singapore Shopping Malls

The stunning place is almost luxurious hotels unless they sell items. You will meet up with the latest products in the world which are not even in the USA. Bugis Junction has got two ways to sell their items. You may either do the shopping in the streets or the building. If you are a visitor to Singapore, the indoor shopping will save beautiful memories for you.


Knightsbridge Mall

It is not an ordinary shopping mall where you can find all the space dedicated to shopping. The premises has surrounded by a natural orchard where the customers can spend a few hours with their families. You will be able to find direct access, as well. The parking consists of plenty of space where thousands of customers can keep their vehicles. There are flagship-level sale outlets where the shoppers, mainly focus on fashion and jewelers. If you are a person with fashion taste, there will be thousands of brand new things for you.


Ngee Ann City

10 Best Singapore Shopping Malls

When it comes to a landscape, it is a place you must pay a visit to Singapore. This impressive shopping mall is situated in Orchard Road, where you can find the footsteps date back to three centuries. The old structures now have been replaced with the latest architecture. It is an excellent place to spend a few hours among beauty parlors, fashion designs, book stores, and restaurants.


Mustafa Centre –

There is less number of shopping malls which are 24 hours open in Singapore. Mustafa Centre is maintaining a 365 open schedule which suits its customers with busy schedules. The second important thing about the Mustafa Centre is having low prices on their products. You will be able to find watches, electronics, and clothing for a less price at this venue. The two departmental sections will let you enjoy a unique experience for sure.

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