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Five of the Best places to stay in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the most advanced and developed cities in the world. The atmosphere of the surroundings in the city is kind of surreal and can be overwhelming if you are a rookie traveller or traveling to Japan for the first time. Since it is such an exciting place to visit and consists of a bucketful of suburbs, finding the best places to stay in Tokyo might not be as straightforward as it sounds.


Best places to stay in Tokyo

We have gone through some of the previous user experiences, reviews and asked a couple of pro travellers about the best places to stay in Tokyo. So, this report is all about our findings; let’s get started.



best places to stay in tokyo

Shinjuku is one of the famous tourist destinations in Tokyo for various valid reasons. There are loads of opportunities available for the foreigners around Shinjuku, including accommodation, food, restaurant and entertainment. In addition, it is a place that is well-renown for shopping as the place is full of top-notch shopping malls.

The evenings in Shinjuku are just breathtaking, and it kind of brings a feel like a Disneyland; also, that is when the city becomes alive. Tokyo Skyline view is something that you can’t resist when it comes to the activities that you can participate when in Shinjuku. Moreover, you can observe the spectacular Mt Fuji if the day permits with fine weather; you get that luxury 100% free.

Park Hyatt Tokyo is a famous and high-end hotel available in Shinjuku, and it is well-equipped with more than 1700 rooms. If you are in search of a mid-range place, our recommendation would be to choose either Odakyu hotel Century or hotel Gracery Shinjuku.


Shibuya & Harajuku

best places to stay in tokyo

If you are a fun-loving soul who wants to enjoy a 24*7 trip, this would be one of the best places to stay in Tokyo. The notable fact about Shibuya is that it is more of a young people’s place for obvious reasons. Harajuku is a relatively small place inside Shibuya where you can witness a strange zombie-like culture. However, nothing to get intimidated by as all the happenings in the area are pretty much safe and interesting.

Further, Harajuku is a site for second-hand shops, and there is literally nothing you cannot find there. In terms of activities in Shibuya and Harajuku, the first thing that you must experience is the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing, at least a few times. Even it is quite fascinating to see the busy crowds; yeah, it really is. Also, the Cat street, Hachiko statue, Meiji-Jingu Shrine, second-hand shopping, and Yoyogi-Koen Park are a few of the other places that most young tourists prefer to visit.

The Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel is the go-to option for those who expect a grand stay in the area. If you are on a slightly lesser budget, you can choose a place like Shibuya Granbell Hotel with great facilities.


Roppongi – Best places to stay in Tokyo

best places to stay in tokyo

If you are exploring through the internet searching for the best places to stay in Tokyo for entertainment and nighttime, in particular, we have no doubt in recommending Roppongi to you. Yes, there is nothing to exaggerate as this place is the home for foreigners and businessmen to come and have a good time. Previous visitors say that Roppongi is the international hub of Tokyo, and that is a statement that reveals you are bound to experience a spectacular time if you select Roppongi as your destination while in Tokyo.

Unlike most parts of the country, this area’s hotels are providing their menus and services in English. Also, it consists of high-class hotels, restaurants, cinemas, museums and many other must-haves for the tourists. Mori Art Museum, National Art Center Tokyo, Nogi-Jinja Shrine, Zojo-Ji Temple, Tokyo Tower, and Tokyo City View are some of the places that you should plan to visit if you trust our word on Roppongi.

The Ritz-Carlton is undoubtedly one of the premier luxury hotels in Roppongi; even it is regarded as one of the best in whole Tokyo. For budget travelers, Roppongi Hotel S or Hotel Monterey Akasaka would be ideal for spending quality time.


Ueno – Best places to stay in Tokyo

best places to stay in tokyo

Even though we mentioned budget-friendly hotels to stay, we didn’t really suggest an economical place overall thus far, isn’t it? Ueno is such area that fits with budget travellers. In fact, some of the prices that you pay here are unrealistic compared to the luxury price tags of most of the suburbs of Tokyo. However, there is no shortage of entertainment or activities in Ueno, although the prices are low as there are museums, hotels, art galleries, and parks to blend value to your preference.

Ueno-Koen Park is one of the highlights, and it is the home of hugely reputed museums in the country, including the Tokyo National Museum. Also, you have the luxury of visiting places like Ueno Zoo, Kanei-Ji Temple, National Science Museum, and SCAI the Bathhouse (which is over 200 years old) when in Ueno.

The Hotel Coco Grand Ueno Shinobazu is rated as one of the best high-end hotels in Ueno. If you ask us what the best budget-friendly hotel in and around this area is, we would say it’s Dormy Inn Ueno Okachimachi.


Asakusa – Best places to stay in Tokyo

Asakusa is for those who anticipate old Tokyo that they have seen in old movies and teledramas. The effects of modernization not that huge here compared to the other parts of Tokyo. That said, Asakusa holds the tallest building in Tokyo, but in general, it consists of relatively shorter buildings.

As you would assume by reading the previous paragraph, Asakusa has a quiet and calm atmosphere, and you can come across tons of budget-friendly hotels, food and accommodations here. However, tourists have plenty of activities to be part of in Asakusa, including visiting Senso-ji Temple, Tokyo Sky tree, Asakusa-Jinja shrine and Edo-Tokyo Museum.

Talking about the places to stay, Sadachiyo Ryokan is the grandest option available in the area, which is a traditional Japanese inn. Although Asakusa has more than enough budget-friendly hotels, we recommend you consider the Gate Hotel Asakusa Kaminarimon by Hulic if you don’t opt for staying in Sadachiyo Ryokan.

So, that is our five best places to stay in Tokyo. If you have more or want to know more about anything, please comment on them below. Thanks and have a great day!