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Galle Fort – Amazing Site

Galle Fort is a known site in the southern part of the island because of its architectural importance. Built by the Portuguese, Galle Fort had become one of the observation places of the island because of its panoramic view. When it comes to the second settlers, The Dutch, they have applied several changes to this historical place with the today-known expansions. The fort belongs to the 16th century when the European conquerors made the sense of this island known as the pearl in the Indian ocean. The Dutch made quite impressive modifications to the fort according to their architectural inheritance.

Galle fort is one of the most breathtaking places because of the archeological, architectural, and cultural features. The site declared as a UNESCO conservation site because of its unique architectural influence that can be seen in less than a few places in the world. Galle Cricket Stadium is the second most embracing sight with an embracing environment.

Importance of Galle Fort

Although Galle Fort known because of this monument traces date back to the second century when Ptolemy had mentioned an old city where thousands of sailors were working hard. Also, he has mentioned that Galle city had been a popular place as same as Greece and Egypt. As the very first place where the Portuguese sailors made their landing, Galle Fort was one of their earliest assets as well. They had agreed with the king to make the adjustments. The construction of this fort had been one of them and they could build it as the outcome. However, it was not a fort then but a Franciscan Happel which was finished its construction in 1541.

As the Portuguese focused on moving to Colombo, the grip was a bit loose at that time. The fort took over by Dutch as a result of combined attacks in the 18th century. Dutch had understood that it could be one of the most vital places on the island. They made the changes with great care and the maximum security where more than 250 soldiers can be kept. Although some changes were made, the Old Dutch Fortress is the one that can be seen at present.

Here are a few things that you can enjoy while paying a visit to Galle.



If you are limited with one choice, the very first thing you need to do is visiting the lighthouse. It is one of the most delightful places where you can spend a joyful evening. When it comes to its building times, it dates back to the 19th century. There is a primary one that has been built in recent times. If you pay a visit you will be able to get full use as it is still in use.


Sea view at Galle fort sri lanka

galle fort sri lanka

When it comes to the Indian Ocean, you will need nothing compared to its stunning beauty. Having a walk along the walls of Galle Fort will be one of the most tremendous things you can achieve in this life. The historic wall clock tower is the best place to have a stop and nourishment. You will be able to see the Indian ocean, Southern Highway, Galle International Cricket Stadium. Adding a few rations of street food will increase the taste for sure.


Tuk Tuk Tour in Galle fort sri lanka

galle fort sri lanka

There are few vehicles in the country from which you can have the maximum entertainment. The three-wheeler or the tuk-tuk is a fabulous thing that can enjoy your ride. You can have a visit to the Galle fort where some of the spaces are still there for different purposes. Government offices are still functioning from this place where you can see some other spectacular architectural designs as well. Restaurants, bars, and you will be able to find even the trees which are older than a few decades in the Galle Fort. Having a chat with a few locals will always bring a fresh experience indeed.


Galle Cricket in 

galle fort sri lanka

Watching a test match from the Galle International Cricket Stadium will be almost similar to watching the Ash cup at Lord’s. Galle has got a world-class reputation for its cricket. Galle International Cricket ground also has similar respect from the world. Although Test matches are not common at this venue, you will be able to arrange your visit at a time when there will be a match. One of the things you need to remember regarding this ground is that it has been a winning ground for the host on most of occasions.