Is London Fog Luggage a Good Brand? Performance & Durability Evaluated!

While not the most well-known luggage manufacturer worldwide, London Fog nevertheless creates some exceptional gear. We are interested in learning more about this company and whether it is worthwhile to invest in because it has surpassed some of its rivals in several features. Is London Fog luggage a good brand?

Besides the key features as well as the conditions of the guarantee, we will learn if London Fog Baggage is really worth the cost by examining its value for the money, the materials used in its construction, and its durability. And maybe most crucially, what other individuals believe about the company in question.

London Fog Luggage: What is it?

The more well-known and expansive London Fog brand, a prestigious and enduring fashion name in the United States, includes London Fog Baggage. Customers may now purchase a variety of items from London Fog, including purses, duffel bags, laundry bags, and lightweight baggage. Their stylish baggage collection is well-liked by travelers from all around the world.

The Cambridge II Baggage

A true carry-on was only available in the Cambridge II series. That collection’s baggage is composed entirely of woven houndstooth fabric that has been joined with EVA foam to increase its strength and weight-bearing properties.

London Luggage Company

Three classic bags are also part of the Kensington line by London Fog. To increase the luggage’s toughness and longevity, the cloth utilized for these bags was fused using EVA foam.

Kingsbury Trunk

There are no hard shells in any other London Fog series. Additionally, it is the first collection of theirs that exclusively have suitcases without any extra duffel or clothing bags. The polycarbonate used to make Kingsbury baggage is lightweight.

Baggage from Knightsbridge

Three gorgeous softshell bags are part of the Knightsbridge line.

Clothes Bags on Wheels

This is made to store clothes that need to be transported properly, such as suits, and are on hangers.

Bags as Well as Duffels Beneath the Seat

Now let’s look at some of London Fog’s lighter carry-on luggage options. When a carry-on suitcase would be too much for someone flying with a sizable checking bag and needing something compact and handy to bring within the cabin, they are fantastic.

Club Bag with Wheels by Kensington

Also worth mentioning involves the Kensington Wheeled Clubs Bags. You’re able to wheel it throughout the airport, as well as is compact and fashionable enough to fit through the overhead bins of most airlines.

Is London Fog Luggage a Good Brand?

The brand’s top features, as well as designs, allowed it to carve out a unique niche for itself in the very competitive baggage market.

Manufactured with Soft Sides

When it comes to baggage, excellent construction and durability are essential. Much of the baggage made by London Fog has soft sides.

Due to its softer side, it makes it harder for you to load more at once. The bags, as well as suitcases, are extremely adaptable to a firm surface thanks to the fabric used to form the exterior of the baggage.

Additionally, soft-sided baggage may be conveniently stowed in airline overhead bins or under seats. In comparison to hard-side baggage, soft-side bags are far lighter, which is another important advantage.

It is made of a unique fabric called woven houndstooth. To produce that lovely effect, it appears as though two different colors of wool were woven into each.

Stylish and Timeless Designs

Verify designs, as well as duotones, are a staple of luggage’s conventional patterns, which elevates their visual impact and appeal.

The numerous series produced by London Fog, including Cambridge, Kingsbury, as well as Knightsbridge, serve as the ideal representations of modernism and sophistication. The company is renowned for its fashionable appearance.

Additionally, London Fog baggage is created for optimum usability. The interiors are thoughtfully designed to allow you to arrange your belongings in a tidy and orderly fashion. Shoes, as well as accessories, each have their own zippers. The suitcase’s hooks make rolling and carrying it quite easy.

Quite Robust

Regular visitors inquire about the luggage’s strength and durability. This aspect was specifically considered when designing the London Fog baggage. The cloth used to make London Fog goods is quite strong.

The structure is of a high caliber and readily meets the standards of frequent travelers. You may use the extremely sturdy baggage for many years.

Very Light

When embarking on a trip, the first thing that thoughts have is the dimensions of the luggage. Everyone wants lightweight baggage since it is convenient to carry and doesn’t cost more.

In essence, the London Fog luggage has a honeycomb construction that increases strength as well as optimizes weight. This brand makes incredibly lightweight handbags.

Wheels have Great Agility

With most baggage, wheels are usually the first thing to break, however not with London Fog baggage. The bag has eight incredibly durable, multidirectional, and highly practical wheels that can spin 360 degrees. You can effortlessly escape the mob thanks to the incredible wheels.

Client Satisfaction

The characteristics of the item are all geared at ensuring client happiness. The product choices, designs, and aesthetics are always in line with client feedback. The company provides great customer service. It answers client issues almost immediately.

Overall, London fog goods offer good value for the amount of money spent. You are not going to regret making this great baggage brand your choice and your buy because it perfectly suits your necessities and fashion.

What Drawbacks are there to Using London Fog Bags?

Although London Fog luggage offers a lot of good qualities, some consumers have offered helpful criticism on Amazon as well as Google.


Users have expressed dissatisfaction with the London Fog luggage’s closures, claiming they can prove challenging to zip as well as unzip.


A few consumers have complained about the London Fog luggage’s knobs, claiming they can be fragile and shatter easily.

Final Reflections

If you want a set of baggage that is fashionable, strong, and useful, consider London Fog. The company has a long history as well as an excellent track record for quality, and it provides a variety of styles to meet the requirements and tastes of each traveler. The money you spend will last you a long time if you take good care of it.

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