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Lake Como in Italy

In the Northern region of Italy, Lake Como has been a stunning and embracing destination of the tourists. It is a glacier originated water source, which is the 3rd   largest lake in Italy. The place is a quiet and trendy environment place since Roman times. The HuffPost mentioned the lake as one of the most beautiful lakes in 2013, and the reach of tourists had a significant improvement since then.


When to visit Lake Como?

As it is a place where you must engage with the warmth of the sunshine, you recommend visiting this place during March and November. Sun will be in the optimum condition during that period, and it will be free from unexpected rains most of the time.  Unless the sun is a factor you care, Lake Como will welcome you at any time of the year.

Italians know Lake Como as Lago di Como, which has derived from the word “Como,” a near Town. The name has defined as “Common” in English.  Also, it has many interactions with the filmography. The 2006 Bond Movie Casino Royale was filmed in this area. If you can remember some of the stunning shots, they belong to Lake Como and the surrounding area. Besides the picturesque beauty, Lake Como is a place where you need to pay a visit for many reasons. Here are 01 things you can do in Lake Come in 2020.


Sailing on Lake Como

It is a water body with plenty of wind. You can either use a grand water tour or a typical boat ride along the lake. It is one of the best things you can do in Lake Como.  The lustful lake is surrounded by an evergreen mount range and some luxurious villas. Also, some spots are available for a dive or a swim as well.  You will be busy with the enchanting beauty of the lake for sure.


A walk along the Eastern Coast

It is also one of the best ways to spend your time in Lake Como. Discovering some ancient places in Ancien Rome is such an impressive thing to do. If you walk along the coastal region, you will see how artistic Romans were with the architecture and culture.  Lariana, Colico, and Valtellina are some of the villages you get to meet on the way where you can see the village life of Italy.


Musical Events

How nice will it be to participate in a music event in a mindblowing place like Lake Como? The site is famous for annual music events. The Festival Of Bellagio is such a popular event organized with a musical background. The last time was the 9th edition of the event. Other than that, you will be able to take part in many musical evenings in many places.


Forte di Fuentes

If you have any interest in Spanish architecture or the culture, this will be a place where you must pay a visit. The structures date back to the 17th century when the Spanish domination held in Italy.  You will find this fortress in the Northern region of the lake. A church, square, and a stronghold will be among the places you can see.


One Night in Lake Como

One evening and night will be quite enough to realize the life of Lake Como in Italy. Many restaurants and bars are willing to provide their services for you. Electrifying lights will be more than enough to keep you awake for one night in this stunning lake. Made Club, Block Club, and Theoria are few of the places you need to pay a visit to get that experience.

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