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St Croix vs Puerto Rico – Exploring the Caribbean!!!

Among the best of the tropics, Cancun and the Bahamas enjoy some of the longest-lasting notoriety and reputation. Both places have a certain charm that draws a particular visitor generation. Let’s just discuss St Croix vs Puerto Rico.

Whether you choose to contrast the attraction of greenery and beach activities of Puerto Rico with the island charm and camping tradition of St. Croix, both locations are worthy of the praise they have earned. If you’re looking for a location that combines breathtaking scenery and excitement, St. Croix and Puerto Rico should be among the most popular search results, and with good reason.


Both St Croix and Puerto Rico are situated close to each other. They both are dependent nations of the USA. Though they both are located geographically near, the experiences we can gain and the activities we can do there give different vibes. However, it is easy to reach St Croix and Puerto Rico by aeroplanes. US citizens don’t need a passport or VISA to travel to these countries. Once reach there, both nations provide facilities to transport such as public transport, or you can rent bicycles, cars or vans to explore and visit the attractive places.

Overview of St Croix vs Puerto Rico

St Croix

St Croix is the largest of the US Virgin Islands. They are situated in the Caribbean Sea. St Croix is known for the best diving sites and beach activities. There are also many historical and religious places to visit and worship. You will be able to experience lots of adventurous and cultural things at St Croix. Following are some of the places you will be able to visit there.

Places to visit in St Croix:

  • Buck Island Reef National Monument and Cove
  • Rainbow Beach
  • Point Udall
  • George Village Botanical Garden
  • Isaac Bay
  • Fort Christiansvaern

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is also an island situated in the Caribbean Sea. Puerto Rico is more developed than St Croix, with attractive hotels and beach activities. You can experience water sports and especially culture-related activities in Puerto Rico. Also, you can go camping and experience other land activities as well. I’ll provide you with some tourist attractions to visit in Puerto Rico.

Places to visit in Puerto Rico:

  • Old San Juan
  • Castillo de San Cristobal National Park
  • El Yunque National Park
  • Catedral de San Juan Bautista
  • El Morro Fort
  • Bioluminescent Mosquito Bay

What are the Things to Do in St Croix vs Puerto Rico?

As I explained earlier, both St Croix and Puerto Rico have aesthetic beaches and lots of fun activities to do there, such as diving, snorkelling and other water activities. Also, you can go visit historical places and famous landmarks there. Let’s see what other things you can do in these places.

Following are a few of the things you can do.

St Croix

  • Relax on the beach
  • Explore a famous landmark or a colonial church
  • Take a horseback ride
  • Eat and taste food that is on St Croix’s cultural menu
  • Visit coral reef and discover sea life
  • Go diving and snorkelling
  • Camping in the mountains

What are the Things to Do in St Croix vs Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

  • Scuba diving
  • Explore water bodies and the underwater world
  • Go on tours of wildlife
  • Go on hikes, ziplining and climbing
  • Visit interesting landmarks
  • Ride on horseback


There are many comfortable hotels, resorts and villas in both St Croix and Puerto Rico if you search for accommodation. Also, there are small inns that provide you “home” feeling during your stay in those countries. You can select where you are staying according to your preference and the surrounding. If you want a place surrounded by greenery, you can choose a place farther than the beach. 

I’ll give you some examples of the best places to stay in both countries.

St Croix

  • The hotel on the Cay
  • The Buccaneer Beach and Golf Resort
  • The Fred
  • King Christian Hotel

Puerto Rico

  • Villa Eshta
  • Rincon Plaza Hotel
  • Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve Puerto Rico
  • Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel and Casino

Though we provide you with some places to accommodate, it is best if you can check the food, sanitary and comfort before booking. Refer to Google reviews or contact those hotels and ask for facilities and the packages they offer separately.

What about Safety in St Croix vs Puerto Rico?

St Croix

First, let’s consider safety in St Croix. There is a risk of theft if you aren’t careful. But there is no crime and theft as in other tourist attractions places. Being careful is better. 

And for nightlife St Croix is famous for nightclubs. Therefore, drugs and various other crimes are happening. So, the government is attentive and working to solve those. But it is better to avoid unfamiliar places and people. Stay together with your friends or members of the travel team.

Frederiksted and Christiansted are two of the safest places in the country.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is less safe when compared to St Croix. You better avoid wandering and visiting places alone. As tourists, it is much better if you have a guide with you. 

Weather is the main thing to consider than criminality in Puerto Rico. When booking accommodation and checking for seasons to travel, avoid hurricane season in Puerto Rico. 

Old San Juan, Condado, and Miramar are friendly and safe places, while Puerta de Tierra, Piñones and El Parque de las Palomas are the places that should be avoided at night.

In addition, the summer season is the best to visit both countries.

Where is it Cheaper to Go, St Croix vs Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is cheaper when compared to St Croix. Roughly it costs for a couple for a week about 2779$ in Puerto Rico and about 3500$ in St Croix. 

This price includes accommodation, food and other activities also. So, when planning the trip, check food, staying places and other facilities separately and whether the full cost is compatible with your budget. Also, a rough calculation of the prices charged at the places to be visited and explored should be kept in mind.

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