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Dubai Water Park with sharks – Aquaventure Water Park

When it comes to water parks, Dubai is one place where you can find some of the world’s best names, and one such place is Aquaventure Water Park. Although the activities in Aquaventure are unique in their own way, the shark safari is something that is regarded highly among tourists. This article is all about the Dubai Water Park with sharks, Aquaventure Water Park. Let’s dig deep and explore it!

An overview of the Dubai Water Park with sharks – Aquaventure Water Park

dubai water park with sharks

As said, it is one of the world’s best water parks, and particularly in the last decade, it has received overwhelming popularity from visitors all around the world. We would say it is a complete water park, in which you are bound to find most of the popular related activities.

When you type “Dubai Water Park with sharks” on Google, Aquaventure Water Park dominates the first page of Google, and that is because of loads of valid reasons. If you are a person who is interested in sea creatures, sharks are not the only animal you will come across at Aquaventure Water Park; friendly sea lions and dolphins, to name a couple.

At Aquaventure Water Park, there are a few high-caliber restaurants consisting of various types of food choices to choose from. One of the famous restaurants is Jordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen and Bar. If you are lucky enough, there is a high possibility of meeting the world-renown chef and celebrity Gordon as well!

In addition, there is no shortage of shops to purchase stuff like jewelry, luxury watches, clothes, food, and spectacular home décor. Simply put, for those who are thinking of premium shopping in Dubai, Aquaventure Water Park can be a great option.

So, yeah, it is a complete package for a Water Park, which we think you should not miss when you are in Dubai.

What to do in Aquaventure Water Park Dubai

dubai water park with sharks

There is a bucketful of activities to attend at Aquaventure Water Park, and we have handpicked only some of the popular interests to keep this report a concise one. Yes, as you know, people call it the Dubai Water Park with sharks, and we start our list of activities with the shark safari.

Shark Safari

dubai water park with sharks

Shark Lagoon or the shark safari is a place that requires no diving experience to mingle with sharks with 100% safety. All you require to have is a helmet to get close to these dangerous ocean creatures. You will be walking through an underwater controlled environ, and if your kids are over eight years, you can ask them to join you to relish this unbelievable underwater experience.

No, you don’t have to worry about the breathability as all the facilities are provided to the highest safety standards. Also, if you are completely new to this kind of activity, there are professional marine biologists to take you through some valuable training sessions as well.

Given we are talking about the Dubai Water Park with sharks in this article, the Shark safari of it obviously tops the list of activities, and keep no worries on any of the safety aspects when you are into this once-in-a-lifetime experience.


dubai water park with sharks

Diving is another sport that you can find when at Aquaventure Water Park. For those who are willing to learn scuba diving and snorkeling, you will hardly find a better place than this in the desert of Dubai. There are different sets of levels when it comes to difficulty, and there are over 65,000 sear creatures in here for you to observe as well.

The beach of Aquaventure

dubai water park with sharks

If you are looking to spend some quality time relaxing on the sandy beach, the 700 long beach of Aquaventure Water Park is tailor-made for you. There are cabanas to be booked according to the size you need, and the prices of them are pretty much affordable as well.

It’s not only the shade you will get when booking these cabanas, but also the package consists of food, fruits, sunbeds, and a few other essentials to enhance the quality of the time you spend at the beach.

dubai water park with sharks

Children play area

dubai water park with sharks

Surely, the beach of Aquaventure Water Park is loved by the kids as well as adults. However, if you want to provide your kids with a more interesting and amazing experience, you shall take your kids to the children’s play area of the park.

The Splasher’s Island, one of the new additions to Dubai’s Aquaventure Park, is well-equipped with around seven kids-safe playing waterslides. That is, of course, in addition to the fourteen family-safe and friendly waterslides in the park. If you and your loved ones are craving for full-day water-based activities, look no more, book your tickets now and visit Aquaventure Water Park.

In addition to the above activities, river slides, spas, cownose ray feeding, shopping, Atlantean flyer zip line, and Sea lion point are a few more places that you should be visiting to make the most out of the time while you are at this incredible and one of the best water parks of the world.


The Dubai Water Park with sharks, formally known as Aquaventure Water Park, is one of a kind place you can find in Dubai. Given the weather conditions of the country and the region as a whole, it is quite surprising to see such a magnificent and well-maintained water park, to be honest.

The most exciting part of the park, as far as we are concerned, is its shark safari. Although the name “shark safari” is kind of intimidating, there is nothing to be afraid of as all the necessary safety implementations are there for you to confidently explore the beauty of thousands of sea creatures, including sharks.

So, we are hopeful that you will allocate time to visit Aquaventure Water Park on your next visit to Dubai. If you want more details about it, we are here to help you. Have a great day!



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