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Know these before You Visit the Dubai Miracle Garden

Isn’t that amazing to hear one of the world’s driest countries is home to the world’s largest natural flower garden? Yeah, Dubai Miracle Garden is sort of wonder, to say the least. Amidst Dubai’s towering concrete structures, it has to be said that Miracle garden is an oasis in the desert. We thought you would love to hear some of the fascinating facts about this amazing manmade wonder, the Dubai Miracle garden.


What is Dubai Miracle Garden?

dubai miracle garden

Picture by Srilatha Sharma

The Dubai Miracle Garden opened to the world on 2013 Valentine’s Day. As we said at the beginning, it is the world’s biggest natural flower garden with over 150 million flowers in it. In addition, you can observe more than 120 flower variants. The state which it is at right now was a gradual process, and numerous renovations and additions took place over the years with an unbelievable success rate.

Also, it is not all about flowers. The Dubai Miracle Garden is well equipped with other ingredients such as sculptures, lights, entertainment, and panoramic views. Moreover, there is a 4000M walking track inside the garden, and there is a separate place for Disney as well.


How do you reach Dubai Miracle Garden?

Since the Covid-19 regulations are lifting around the world, we understand you want to know how you get there. However, as of now (August 2021), it is closed for renovations, and according to the news from its website, the park will re-open for the next season in November. Anyway, there are three main methods you have to reach the Dubai Miracle Garden. They are,

By train: You can take Dubai Metro and stop at the mall of the Emirates (MOE).

Bus: There is an RTA bus service available when the park is in operation from MOE to the Garden.

Taxi: For those who feel public transport options are not convenient, they can opt for the services of taxis.


Fascinating Facts about Dubai Miracle Garden

dubai miracle garden

Picture by Srilatha Sharma

As you now know how to get to Dubai Miracle Garden, let’s see some of the incredible facts attached to it.


It holds three Guinness Records.

dubai miracle garden

Picture by Srilatha Sharma

AS far as we are concerned, there is nothing to raise eyebrows that it has three Guinness records. Those three records include the world’s largest vertical flower garden, the biggest flower structure of the world (Emirates A380 aircraft structure), and the world’s tallest topiary supported sculpture (18M-high topiary of Mickey Mouse).


The water usage 

Since it is in a dry country, supplying water to such a gigantic garden is not a joke by any means. The water system of the Dubai Miracle Garden recycles the wastewater and prevents evaporation up to 75%, which is essential to facilitate an uninterrupted water supply. In addition, it requires whopping 750,000 liters per day to function at its fullest.

However, the requirement of the water wasn’t easy at the initial stage as the authorities had to pump seawater from the Sea of Gulf and make it usable. Over the years, they have gone with a better option. Now, trucks draw sewage water around the city and recycle it in the water system to feed the plants in the garden.


Annual renovations dubai miracle garden

As you read previously, it is not in operation right now. It is because the Dubai Miracle garden undergoes annual renovations each and every year from May to October. You have to keep in mind that you only have the opportunity of seeing the garden from November to May every year.


It has one of the world’s largest flower fall

Although it is not yet a Guinness world record, the Dubai Miracle Garden has one of the largest and longest flower walls in the world. With a 1-KM circumference, its spectacular flower wall adds more color to the garden and is one of the main attractions inside of it.


Different themes in different times

Being a flower garden in the desert itself is an amazing feat of this garden; to add more value to it, they change the theme of the garden from time to time. Simply put, you just cannot observe the same Dubai Garden twice if you are not a frequent traveler of it. Also, the new theme has always been better than the previous one, which is something very unique to it, and credit must be given to the people who are working with it.

This factor of the garden is ideal if you are into photography, and it is a rarity to see tourists without their DSLRs. If you know how to click your camera, you hardly find a better place than the Dubai Miracle Garden to capture breathtaking images of flowers. That said, you will have to gain the permission of the authority to bring professional cameras into the garden, which is not a Himalayan task to do so.


It looks like a cricket ground 

The Dubai Miracle garden looks like a cricket ground from an aerial view. But, there are way more colors compared to an ordinary cricket outfield, and even you will be able to see the gigantic structure of Emirates A380 aircraft if you had the opportunity to fly over the garden. It’s that much huge and colorful.


Other activities

When you are planning your trip to the Dubai Miracle Garden, we recommend you allocate at least three hours to relish the beauty and its activities thoroughly. You can either hire a cart or stroll around the park. Also, there are food cafes, biking tours, and tons of other activities waiting for your arrival. So, make sure you have enough time in your bag to spend while you are at Dubai Miracle Garden.



In our words, the Dubai Miracle Garden is an oasis in the desert. With three Guinness world records, it is a place that you should visit on your next trip to Dubai. Also, we want you to remember that it is not in operation from May to November every year due to its annual renovations. Until the next destination, it’s a wrap from us; have a great day!


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