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Tooth Temple Kandy – Importance and Beauty

The Temple of the Tooth Relic, tooth temple Kandy is identified as one of the most sacred and important Buddhist monasteries in Sri Lanka. The sacred Tooth Relic of Buddha is there at this place, and this is situated in the heart of the city of Kandy. Lots of people, including both local and foreign, visit this place daily due to its importance. The sacred Tooth Relic is there in a golden casket, and people have the chance to touch and worship the golden casket at certain times of the day. According to ancient sources, the sacred Tooth Relic was first received by king Vimaladharmasuriya 1. We will go through the importance of tooth temple Kandy now step by step.

History of tooth temple Kandy

History of tooth temple Kandy

According to the ancient sources, the Tooth Relic brought down to Sri Lanka in the fourth century. It was a symbol of power. kings ruled Sri Lanka in the past. Almost all of them kept the Tooth Relic near their kingdoms due to this. So it shifted from one kingdom to another in the past. This symbolizes the power and the importance of the Tooth Relic and the impact it had on kings. When it came to Kandy, king Vimaladharmasuriya 1 built a building to place the sacred Tooth Relic. king Vira Parakrama Narendra Singha constructed the present-day monastery in 1700. Then after some time, king Sri Wickrama Rajasingha renovated it to make it more colorful.

Ritual PeriodsĀ 

Ritual periods of the tooth temple

There are several ritual ceremonies throughout the day. The worshipers get the chance to see and worship the sacred Tooth Relic at these times. Traditional music is there at these times. This adds a calming atmosphere and makes the place even more sacred. This gets the attention of many foreigners, too, as this reflects the proud tradition of our country.

Artwork of tooth temple Kandy

Artwork of tooth temple Kandy

The artwork of the temple illustrates the proud tradition and the skill levels of our ancestors. All the wall paintings and carvings show the traditional value of the Kandyan kingdom. All the pictures on the walls and ceilings create a different atmosphere. You need to enter the temple to feel it. It feels like you are in a different century. Nicely decorated pillars and moonstones at the entrance enhance the value of this place even more and further increases the scenic beauty of the site. The colorful atmosphere attracts many local and foreign people here.

Traditional Esela Perahera of the tooth temple

Traditional Esela Perahera of the tooth temple

This is one of the most exciting and most significant religious events of the country. The temple organizes this in August each year. The sacred Tooth Relic is carried around the city at this event, and thousands of people participate in this to worship it. Traditional dancers, elephants, monks, and other musical troops join for this event and make the event even more colorful. Many tourists also make their way here to witness this iconic event. The temple places the sacred tooth relic on the back of a tusker, and people get the chance to worship it outside the temple.

Esela Perahera

Esela Perahera ginibola

So hope that all of you have gained vital information about the Tooth Temple in Kandy. You need to witness the place and feel the beauty of the site. Further, we need to save this place for our future generations too while visiting it. So consider traveling to Kandy to visit the Tooth Temple to witness the proud tradition of our country and to worship the sacred Tooth relic.

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