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Mirissa coconut hill

Mirissa coconut hill is arguably one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka. This is located on the South Coast of the island. Many come to see this, including foreigners too. The natural beauty and the natural location make this place even more beautiful. We will provide you an in-detail description of this place, and believe me; you will love this at the end of this. Here we go.


The route to Mirissa coconut hill

mirissa coconut hill

Coconut hill is located on the East side of the Mirissa beach. If you are coming from Mirissa beach end, first you will find the famous Parrot rock. This is a small island which is about 50m away from the Mirissa beach. The view from the top of this rock will surely amaze you. But remember to keep a close eye on the tidal wave too. After all, it is your life that matters the most. After about 15-20 minutes, you will be there at the coconut hill. The surrounding beauty and the feeling there will make you feel great. You need to get there to feel this.

Climbing up the hill is not that straight forward. The pictures only show the beauty of the top. The muddy pathway to the top of the hill is not that easy. But, beauty throughout the journey to the top will not disappoint you one bit. In fact, it will give you more strength and courage to climb faster.


Best time to visit Mirissa coconut hill

mirissa coconut hill

Most of the people go there to click photographs that you will not get from anywhere. So we suggest you go there early at the time of sunrise. The natural lights and the feeling of calmness will relax and chill you more. You will get the photographs as per your need. The place will be crowded to max after about 10.00 a.m. It will remain the same until night. So you will miss the opportunity to experience the beauty of the place well. So, try to make it before 9.00 a.m. in the morning to feel this wonderful experience without any issue. On the other hand, not only the normal visitors but many wedding couples also visit here for their shoots due to its natural beauty.

mirissa coconut hill

When you are at the top of the hill, you will see hundreds of palm trees all around you. You will be able to witness and visit this site all 24 hours. Above all, you will not be charged any fee to visit this, making this place even more popular among people.

mirissa coconut hill

So, hope that you have got enough information about Mirissa coconut hill from this. We have given you more details about every inch of this beautiful place from reliable sources. You need to be there to experience it. The feeling there will calm and make you happy. There are many places to stay near Mirissa coconut hill. But as we say in many instances, you need to enjoy all with care. The natural tides and the sea at some times of the year are not pleasant as it can be seen. Enjoy your life with care and always follow the guidelines.

Be happy and be safe.